Available Equipment at Premier Equine

At Premier Equine Center, we take pride in providing the West Coast’s most complete facility for rehabilitation and conditioning. Here is some of the equipment available to our client’s on veterinary discharge.

Equine Underwater Treadmill

Our underwater treadmill, or aquatred, plays a major role in both our rehabilitation and our conditioning programs. The aquatred is a safe way to condition and strengthen the equine athlete with the added benefits of buoyancy and reduced concussion. Studies have shown that walking in an aquatred reduces the amount of concussion on a horse’s joints and soft tissue structures by as much as 60%. This allows us to start adding limited concussion to strengthen soft-tissue structures and add increased bone density while in a controlled manner. The water resistance makes for a great workout while promoting symmetrical muscle development and increased strength. We are proud to utilize a Hydrohorse below ground aquatred system which we firmly believe is the safest brand on the market.

Swimming Pool

An equine swimming pool allows a horse to rehabilitate or condition with zero concussion while receiving both stimulation, circulation and exercise. The swimming pool helps provide a deep cardiovascular workout while allowing the horse to rehabilitate or exercise safely in a controlled manner. One of the main benefits of a circular style pool, such as ours, is that they can swim continuous laps. This allows the horse to keep their heart rate up for the entire session, instead of exiting and entering multiple times like in a straight pool. Do you need to give your horse time off from training or a mental break from competition? We love utilizing the swimming pool to give a horse a new job while keeping them fit and strong!

Covered Free Flow Eurociser

Our free flow exercisers, also known as a Eurociser, play a vital role in both our rehabilitation and conditioning programs. The Eurociser is a safer, more advanced version of a hot walker. The horse is loaded into their section of the Eurociser and then receives a controlled exercise routine. The horse is able to move naturally, not restricted like on a hot walker. The Eurociser can walk or trot the horse for a predetermined amount of time and has different safety measures in place. This is a great method to rehab a horse that is coming off of an injury. At Premier Equine Center, we utilize four different Eurocisers, all of which are covered for year ‘round use. We have footing that is designed for the rehabilitation of horses that is not deep or heavy, yet provides a nice cushion for them to land on.

Additional Equipment

We have many alternative therapies that can be provided on veterinary discharge either by our facility or by our referring veterinarians. Please reach out to us for more information.